Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I love my family so much. Yesterday we were able to take our kids to their first concert that was not held in a church basement. We went to Huntington University and saw The Brilliance and Gungor. I have learned over my concert going days, which seem so long ago, the best part about a concert is who you are with. I always seem to remember who I was with, very important in getting a ride home, more than set lists or blazing guitar solo.

This was a special moment for me in my life. Not only watching very good musicians and song writers perform their art, but the fact that their art was sharing the love of Christ. I know that I will talk my kids someday to see bands that do not love Jesus, but on this night I did. I know we paid to see Gungor but my favorite part of the night was listening to The Brilliance. Two songs that touched my heart, were Now and at the Hour of Our Death, and Does Your Heart Break? “When the heart breaks does your heart break,” was my favorite line sung during the concert. I love hearing artist sing their prayers. David Gungor ended his set by praying for us to let our actions be the love of Christ.

Beautiful night of music with my beautiful family.

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