Monday, March 5, 2012

Celebration ahead!

The greatest celebration of the year is Easter! I love it! Easter is the reminder that our Savior lives in our world today. Therefore, we need to be in a season of preparation.

Over these weeks heading to Easter, there is much to pray for and much to fast for. Our country holds a lot of pain and suffering right now. We all know people who are without work, dealing with broken relationships, or one of the many other pains of the world. We are living in a time where people are in need of healing, peace, comfort, purpose, and love. We are living in a time where people need a Savior. This is why we have to embrace praying and fasting. I hope during this season you are lifting up those in your life and those you do not know who need Jesus. Spend a day just praying for that one individual or fast during one meal and just pray for them to come and experience the embrace of Jesus. Do not let this season of preparing go by without focusing on those who need Jesus.

Easter is the greatest celebration of the year! Let this year matter because you helped someone come to Christ for the first time! Do not be afraid, but be bold in your praying, fasting, and inviting! Let this be the year you help someone to be redeemed and restored into something beautiful by the work of our loving God.

Let Easter be the celebration of new life!

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