Monday, March 5, 2012

Church Movement Killer


When I was a teenager I liked to get into arguments. I remember one time where I got into a shoving match over who was a better baseball team, the St. Louis Cardinals or the Chicago Cubs. (easily the Cardinals.) I just had this nature that made me want to disagree with someone, just so I could hear my own voice.

In the last few months I have noticed well-known pastors being critical of other well-known pastors. This pains my heart. They are not being critical because of heresy or poor ethical choices, but critical of what God is calling them to do. This just hurts the Church and does not grow the Kingdom.

I am sure when we look at church history, arguing never brought on a great movement. I do believe we need to stand up for our faith and be bold in the face of adversity, but to flat out seek an argument about where God is leading a person is wrong.

Arguing is a church movement killer. I wish that pastors or church goers would stop wasting energy and time complaining and arguing with other churches and pastors. Instead of putting up fists and shouting out fighting words, be focused on how to seek the will of God and move the church forward.

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