Thursday, March 15, 2012


A few weeks ago I went down to the Henryville area to help with Tornado Relief. I traveled down with Jeremy Harris who is skilled with a chainsaw. I am skilled with a rake so we made a good team. Jeremy has such a servant heart and encouraged me to go down with him to do work. I made a phone call but that connection disappeared and so we did not know where to head, but we had a few other digits and so we ended up finding out where we could help.
We worked with the organization Samaritan's Purse. They sent us to a small community called Borden. In Borden we began to see the affects of the tornado. Complete destruction. Everything was flat. This was my first time going to a disaster area within a week after it happening. We helped a lady who had a yard full of fallen trees. As I looked around I could see homes with damage and I could see where homes used to be, but I was just amazed at the power of the wind.
I am glad that Jeremy pushed me to go. Even though we did not have an exact place to help we found something we could do.
I think I have been guilty in the past of wanting to help in not just disaters but in opportunities to share the love of Christ and I have failed.
This was a lesson to me that there are times where you just have to do it. No excuses just do it. This has been a growing point for me and is now my challenge to you!
If you are in a place where you feel God has called you to do something, do it!
Stop holding back stop talking yourself out of it, just let yourself be free to do what God calls you to be.
"Your Name is Glorious, your love is changing us, your love is calling us" Hillsong

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