Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to be a Church All-Star

Shine like a star
The other night was the Major League All-Star game, the mid-summer classic.  I love watching this game, because I love baseball. On this night, the best players in the game today gather and display their amazing talents. The stars come out to play.
We talk about stars a lot in our culture.  It got me thinking: if their was an all-star team for churches who would be on it?  Who are the stars in our churches today?
Sporting our Cardinal All-Stars! 
The stars of the church are the ones who actually make the church what it is.  A pastor can lead--but if no one follows, it doesn't matter how great he or she is.  A star grabs a vision and live it out.  Here is a quote I was reading in one of my son’s books by Peter C. Bjarkman talking about Roberto Clemente being a star.
“A star is not something that flashes through the sky.  That’s a comet.  Or a meteor.  A star is something you can steer ships by.  It stays in place and gives off a steady glow; it is fixed, permanent.  A star works at being a star.”
How to shine like a star for Jesus:
Love your church: When you watch great ball players, you see they love what they do.  You can't help but shine when you love what it is that you are doing.  You cannot be a star if you are negative about life. You need to love God, your life, and your church.
You work at being a star: Being a star is not something that just happens--it takes hard work.  You pray, fast, lead, and share your faith with people.  Ball players have skill, but they are also hard workers.  When you are a star for Jesus, it means you commit a lot of your time and effort being a disciple. 
You let yourself shine:  I loved Bryce Harper’s gold shoes during the All-Star game.  He is a hard working young star, but he let his shoes shine.  I think for us to shine like a star, we need to not be ashamed of the Gospel--but instead, shine brightly for Jesus.  When you do this, people will recognize there is something different about you, and will even want to model who you are.

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